Membuat buku di blog

Almost. This shows you one way to write something that is chapter based.
A blog is a reverse chronological publishing tool. That’s what it is and to make it behave differently you will need to do some work yourself. You also need your readers to exercise some self-discipline.

Following this will produce a ‘front cover’, an ‘index’ and the actual work.

  1. Create a page called “front”
  2. Create a page called “index”
  3. Create a page called “chapters”
  4. Go to Options > Reading
    Make “front” the front of the blog
    Make “chapters” have the posts
  5. On “front” make 1 link to “index”
  6. Write a post – your Chapter 1. Publish it. Copy the URL of the post
  7. Edit “index” and place a link to Chapter 1
  8. Repeat steps 6 and 7 for each chapter

Recent Posts / Recent Comments and Archives widgets could let people move around more freely and could break the flow. You may want to remove them. You still need a link to the “index” – use a text widget for that link.

You could use Pages for the chapters instead of posts.

The names of those pages is optional of course.

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